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torsdag 14 juni 2012

The Stephen Colbert report stinks!

Don´t think for a second that I don´t like the american people. Beacuse I do, but your crime televison series and politics stinks!

I don´t know how many swedish people are looking at The Stephen Colbert Report, beacuse you have to have the Comedy Central channel.

I do! But I don´t like the Colbert Report. I think he is to smuddish and I think it´s so stupid that there is a "bip" sound for a dirty word, but hey it´s okey to show murderers and dead bodies.

But witch country is perfect? Non, as far as I know...

But if you want to visit Sweden, please do! We have a wonderful nature, nice people and also politics that stinks. And by the way, our criminal series are not so much better then yours!

Have a nice day!